Looking for evidence of fraud in a large document population?

Are you missing critical facts in healthcare investigations?  In a recent healthcare fraud investigation, 2200 documents among millions turned out to be key.

Anatomy of an Investigation WP

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Healthcare fraud investigations are usually challenging matters, made more complex by the multiplicity of data types that require interrogation. The usual tools and methods of review—even the most sophisticated ones—can fall short, with long review times that rack up costs without providing the early insights that could move things along from the get-go. Today, more advanced analytics are required to unpack the facts from such large and diverse data stores.

That’s why one major provider took a different route, calling upon experts with advanced search and analytics tools to provide a quick identification and turnaround of key data. They knew that the faster they had the right facts, the sooner they could put the matter to rest. Our white paper, Finding the Facts: Anatomy of a Healthcare Fraud Investigation, presents the details of their experience. We hope you find it informative.

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