Industry Viewpoint:
The Professionalization of Search and Review in E-discovery

Over time, all technical fields experience a transition from experimentation and unconstrained practice to professional maturity; this is true of medicine, of engineering and, indeed, of the field of law itself.   white paper on benchmarking document review

Like every professional community, information retrieval (or document search and analysis) has academic centers, publications and conferences, and has spawned a large number of commercial applications, from Web search to legal electronic document review.

Historically, professionalization has
served consumers well. It has resulted in
greater efficiencies, greater quality, lower
costs and reliable standards that can be
trusted by consumers and society at large.
The same benefits can be expected from
the professionalization of legal search, or
document review.

Learn more about the increasing professionalization of legal search and document review in this article from Knowledge Management World, authored by H5's CEO Nicolas Economou.

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